Our terrifically tasty Skipjack Tuna is caught off several small Pacific island nations situated northeast of Australia.

Each fish is flash-frozen within hours to capture its fresh-caught flavor and texture. And — versus standard, cooked-twice brands — our tuna is only cooked once, in the can, to ensure optimal texture, flavor, and omega-3 content.

Offering a deliciously easy “on the go” meal, it elevates any recipe calling for canned tuna — folks love it on salad and noodles, in a savory, satisfying sandwich, or straight out of the can!

Sustainable, dolphin-safe, and traceable
MSC-certification of the fishery that provides our skipjack tuna means that it protects the fish population and doesn’t incidentally harvest significant numbers of other fish, dolphins, or endangered/threatened species.

About our Skipjack
Skipjack (Katsuwonus pelamis) is the smallest tuna species, seldom growing larger than 25 pounds: a feature that helps ensure optimal purity.

Because they’re such fast, vigorous swimmers, skipjack are relatively lean, with about half as much total fat — but just one-third of a can meets the daily omega-3 minimum advised by health authorities worldwide.