What Is Money? – Is Currency Money?

Fiat Currencies

What Is Money?

Since ancient times, us humans have been trading for goods and services.

At first we started out with bartering as a means of exchange.

Bartering made sense, but when it comes to certain things like division of livestock we had a problem.

When it came to gold and silver, at first they were traded without the knowledge of the purity, size or weight, so they weren’t a medium of exchange.

Once the knowledge of Purity & Weight came about, that was when Gold & Silver actually became sound money/real money based upon their physical properties.

Not all things considered to be currencies are real money.

However, almost anything considered to be a currency is usually, constantly, wrongfully referred to as a money, but in order to be a type of money it must meet a certain criterion that most of us are not curious enough to seek out and search for.

What Is Currency?

  • Medium Of Exchange
  • A Unit Of Account
  • PortableGold Is The Only Money, Everything Else Is Credit
  • Durable
  • Divisible
  • Fungible/Interchangeable

What Is Money?

  • Medium Of Exchange
  • A Unit Of Account
  • Portable
  • Durable
  • Divisible
  • Fungible/Interchangeable
  • Store Of Value

What Is The Difference Between Money & Currency?

The difference between money and currency, is the fact that currency is not a store of value over long periods of time.

Money however, is a store of value for long periods of time, which means that it will always protect your purchasing power from:

  • Inflation
  • Taxation
  • Illegal Confiscation
  • Corrupt Banks
  • Extortion Of Time/Freedom
  • Stockmarket Risk/Crash
  • Corrupt Corporations
  • Corrupt Laws & Government Regulation
  • ICO Risk/Crash
  • The Risk Of Having All Assets In Electronic Data If The Worldwide Power Grid Goes Out
  • Economic Collapse/ The Fall Of The Dollar
  • The Next Worldwide Depression – Depression-Proof
  • Fire – Gold Is Fire Resistant
  • Resistant To Rodents Or Termites, etc.

      Fiat Currencies – Can Fiat Currencies Crash?

      Throughout history, we have never been to the point where all currencies worldwide were backed by nothing, until all Currencies around the world became tethered to the US Dollar, due to the creation of the federal reserve banking system itself. The day the dollar was separated from the gold standard, in 19

      How To Benefit From This Information?

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      All for different worldwide currencies as opposed to a real, physical, sound money asset.

      All because we have been misled into believing in our currencies over real money.

      Due to the fact that we are strangely never taught Financial Literacy in school, the majority of our population are not actually benefiting from trading our goods and services or our time.

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